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Contingency Planning update from Commissioner Myron Franz

Although we have not reached an agreement on the budget, Governor Dayton and legislative leaders continue their discussions and I remain hopeful they will work out their differences. In the meantime, we must continue with our contingency plans.

Yesterday, Minnesota Management and Budget sent layoff notices to more than 36,000 employees at Revenue and other agencies. These notices are required to comply with the state’s contracts with employee unions. While we all hope the notices will prove unnecessary, I realize that many of you are anxious about this process and how it affects you and your families.

In addition to the sources described below, at next week’s special Commissioner’s Forum, we will try to answer your questions to the best of our abilities. There are still a number of unknowns, but we will share what we know.

In the meantime, you can find answers to many questions at the following sources:

• Minnesota Management and Budget continues to update the employee information section of its “BeReady” website. Information is posted as available, so check back frequently.

• For retirement-related questions, the Minnesota State Retirement System has posted some FAQs on its website. MSRS would remain open in the event of a shutdown.

Later this month, the courts will rule on which “critical services” – narrowly defined as those that directly impact public health and safety – must continue during a shutdown. Once this decision is made, employees will be notified if (and when) they should report to work, should a shutdown occur.

Please know that I believe all Revenue employees provide essential services – as do your supervisors, directors and senior management. We appreciate the professionalism and commitment each of you brings to fulfilling our collective mission.

These are uncertain times for those of us in state government, and the next few weeks will likely be challenging and stressful. Please remember to make your own contingency plans so that you and your families are as ready as possible, should a shutdown occur. In addition to information provided by employee bargaining units, you can find updates, pointers and resources from MMB at www.bereadymn.com.

If you are feeling overly stressed, please seek assistance through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), your doctor or community service agencies. For information about the EAP, see Employee Assistance Program on Rspace, or go to www.mylifematters.com (enter “STMN1” for Company Name).

As we move forward, please be patient and know that we all hope these precautions will prove unnecessary – that no shutdown will occur. Whatever comes our way, we will make it through this challenging time, just as we have always done in the past.

Thank you again for your support and for the work you do every day for the people of Minnesota.

Myron Frans
Commissioner of Revenue
600 North Robert Street
St. Paul, MN 55146

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