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TV Ad Shows Budget Choices

TV Ad Shows Budget ChoicesSubmitted by AFSCME Council 5 on May 25, 2011 - 11:20pm.

Follow this link to watch the Ad


Follow this link to check the facts


To help Minnesotans understand the choices being made in the budget battle, AFSCME and several other unions put a new ad on television May 26. Here’s the script: “How we solve out budget problem will say a lot about our values. The republicans are choosing to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class – with drastic cuts to education and health care. And their plan will eliminate jobs and increase our property taxes – all so the richest 2 percent don’t have to chip in. Gov. Dayton’s plan will protect the middle class – and 98 percent of Minnesotans will have no tax increase. Tell your legislators it’s time to stand up for the middle class.” Watch the ad and check the facts.

Special thanks to the AFSCME members who appear in the ad. You’ll probably recognize Mary Larson Dennis (and her son Frankie) from Ramsey County Human Services Local 151, and Kellie Charles Connor (with her husband and kids, Caroline and Liam) from Hennepin County Legal Local 2938. Good commercials can be a family affair!

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